Visit to Preschool Šentvid and family Strojan

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 we visited the Preschool Šentvid (local project partner), where we discussed about our future steps regarding the linguistically, culturally and developmentally appropriate multilingual material for Romani children (picture book) in the making, the third and fourth national training dates (Activities for children who are not enrolled in preschools, and their parents and Programs for empowering Romani families with regard to childcare and encouraging child development) and the educational activities (workshops) for Romani children and their parents.

After the meeting, the representatives of Educational Research Institute and Preschool Šentvid went to the Romani settlement Roje to meet the family Strojan, who live there. Namely, some of the children from this settlement are enrolled in the program of the hosting preschool. During our stay there, we got to know the family, who took us around the settlement, introduced us their tradition and challenges they face every day. This was just one of the indicators how the bond between us started to connect, on which, with the help of future project activities and meetings in the Romani settlement and preschool, we can build stronger foundations for successful cooperation.