Center for Education Initiatives, Latvia

NGO CEI has bedueen founded with the goal to promote changes in the community’s perception about the role of education in creating human, righteous society and to promote the development of the further education in Latvia without reference to people’s nationality, race, social status, religion and sex, as well as the physical and mental level of development.

The members of the CEI are municipalities, educational institutions, higher educational institutions and individuals. CEI develops and implements projects which promote quality education and accessibility of education to all children and encourage the development of tolerant society, integration of minorities and the social risk groups; organizes seminars and other activities for pedagogues, parents, municipality and NGO workers all over Latvia; provides professional consultations and expertise in the field of quality education.

Also, CEI is member organization of the International Step by Step Association, and founder and active participant of 2 national NGOs networks – The Latvian Civic Alliance and The Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation.

LOCAL PARTNER: preschool “Pasaciņa” in Preiļi