Linguistically, culturally and developmentally appropriate multilingual material for children (official language of the individual state of the partner organization and Romani language)

We will form linguistically, culturally and developmentally appropriate multilingual material for children. These materials will be picture books, that are describing real life of children and real problems that they are facing and solving by themselves, with their own strength and ingenuity or with the help of friends or family, without the help of fairy tale beings. Material will be appropriate for children aged from 1-6 years. The text of picture books will be written in Romani language and official language of the country of the partner organization. The picture books will include an added space to translate the text into the language of the reader, if only-this distinguishes from before listed languages. The material will be intended for Romani children, parents and ECEC professionals. In the frame of the training on Activities for children who are not enrolled in preschools and their parents and training on Programs for empowering Romani families with regard to childcare and encouraging child development, we will inform the Romani parents and ECEC professionals with possible ways how to use the material and encourage them to find new ways how to use them.