Building trust and connecting preschool with different actors within the local community

The module will identify the reasons for the intense joint work and cooperation of the representatives of the preschool (preschool teachers, assistants of preschool teachers, ECEC administrators, etc.) with representatives of various institutions of the local community (representatives of police, health center, center for social work, municipalities, etc.), and different strategies and methods of cooperation between the representatives of the preschool and representatives of various institutions of the local community, which in any segment of their work meet with preschool service users or employees. The aim of the module is to introduce the mutual work of all the representatives of the involved institutions and develop an action plan, which will help the preschool users to provide a more integrated experience. Participants will also learn examples of good practices from other partner organizations that they can adjust to their national and local context later on.

Each partner organization will carry out training on national level after participating on international training. We will design training material which will cover the fundamental concepts and ideas of the training. Participants will receive material directly at the training in printed form.